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The National Arts Council believes that all students should have access to quality arts education programmes. Its arts education mission is to develop students’ potential for creativity and expression through the arts as well as deepen their understanding of the arts and culture.


One of the ways the NAC aims to achieve its mission is to ensure the availability of quality, purpose-driven programmes to cater to the wide range of student needs through the NAC Arts Education Programme (NAC-AEP).

The NAC-AEP is a database of specially selected arts education programmes by professional artists and arts groups that schools can purchase using an annual grant to subsidise part of the cost. This funding is provided by the Tote Board Arts Grant as part of the Tote Board’s efforts to encourage the development of a vibrant arts culture in schools and enable students to have access to broad-based arts education.

Sand Animation (Amis/Pal) - 12 h course

Sand Animation is the name given to a style of live performance art, and also to a type of frame-by-frame animation (stop-motion). Students will explore this artform by creating a series of images by drawing with sand, a process which is achieved by applying sand to a surface and then rendering images by drawing lines and figures in the sand with one's hands.

Cut-Out Animation (Amis/Pal) - 12 h course

Cut-out animation is one of the oldest forms of animation. It involves moving

cut out shapes in small steps while consecutively taking a picture at each stage. Students will work within all aspects of this classical animation curriculum, from basic drawing to perspective to background design,composition and colour.


Object Animation (NAC-AEP) - 12 h course

Object Animation enables students to understand the fundamentals of stop motion techniques using any object from stationary, toys to even found raw minute materials like rice and seeds to help create an animation.

They will participate in a hands-on experience allowing them to familiarize themselves with every aspect of this niche field.                                                                                 

Clay Illustration (NAC-AEP) - 10 h course

Clay Illustration is a workshop designed to give students creative insight through the development of visual perception and the combined usage of fine motor and multimedia skills to produce an illustration with the use of clay modelling, digital photography and digital imaging. This will enable students to confidently extend their creativity into physical and illusionary space.

3D GOOGLE DOODLE - 12 h course


Using a 3D printing pen which you can hold in your hand, lift your imagination off the page! It allows you to draw in 3d by extruding heated plastic filament that cools almost instantly into a soild, stable structure. You will be able to draw in the air and create anythings you can think of. This course will guide students throught conceptualisation with 3D rendering software and finally materialise their design with the 3D printing pen!

 Digital Art (Vector Illustration/ Procreate/T-shirt Design) (Amis/Pal) - 8 h course 

Digital imaging is an aesthetic expression of using technology to create a digital artwork. Students will transform imagery which is perceptual and transform them into a new dimension utilizing digital technology. They will gain an understanding of the use of Digital Photography as a tool for conceptualizing and creating expressive and completely new works of art through manipulating techniques via the use of photo and vector editing tools.

Manganation (Amis/Pal/NAC-AEP) - 8 h course

Manga art is a skill to be mastered. This workshop educates students with specialized illustration techniques found and applied to this particular Japanese stylized art. Students will learn the fundamentals of drawing Manga art, they will also be taught to digitally colour and bring their Manga characters to life through the incorporation of industrial digital software.

4E Patricia Ann(8).png
5 Int (9).jpg
PhotoJournalism (Amis/Pal) 10 h course

Students will learn the fundamentals of photography skills through a learned experience of being a photo journalist for a day. They will learn to understand what to shoot, edit, caption and how to present his or her picture(s) in his or her own way. This medium will also encourage students to further develop their storyline into a documentary piece with an end product of video slideshow of their journey.

Photo Surrealism  (Digital Manipulation) (Amis/Pal) - 10 h course

Photo Surrealism aims to cultivate the use of photography and digital photo editing tools to nurture and enhance observational and visual media skills as an outlet for creative expression through the theme of Surrealism. Students will learn the basics of photography and visual composition, and will apply their new found technical abilities to create wonderful works of art.

Lomography (amis/Pal) - 10 h course

Lomography is a spontaneous artistic approach to photography. Its unique shots bring out colours that create “moods” to pictures. As Photography is a way to communicating, Students will be able to depict their thoughts and feelings through these pictures. And as they say, a picture says a thousand words. And that every picture tells a story. A fun and exciting course for everyone.

Video Capsule (Amis/Pal) - 12 h course

Video Capsule uses Video as a medium to bring creative ideas to life with style and art, base on current and past videos produced by acclaimed directors and artistes. They will learn the process of what goes on from script to screen and pick up tips and techniques on acting, filming and editing. Challenges include working as a team and finally creating stronger performances in their finished work, making their story all the more memorable.

Ceramics - 8 h course

In ceramics, students will learn to work with the basic material for pottery-clay. They will be experimenting with different pottery techniques such as coiling and pinching. The outcome of this course will be a unique creation of the student's expression of creativity in the form of a vase, mugs and even decorations.

Wall Mural  - 8 h course

Mural is an impressive form of art that is created usually to decorate big portion of walls. In this course students will be creating a mural by the means of collaging photographs. Students will be taught to shoot their own pictures and will learn some basics of a photo editing software such as photoshop to apply effects on the pictures to create a mural.

wall mural edited.jpg
Experience Game Design (Amis/Pal) - 8 h course

This game development course is targeted to students who has a great game idea, but lacks the opportunity or skills to be able to turn their idea into reality. Students will be introduced to basic programming language to advanced topics. They will also take on the roles of the aesthetics creation of the background story of the game, as well as the game levels design, characters and setting the game difficulty.

Miniature Spaces - 10h course (nac-aep) 

Miniature spaces encourages them to observe and compare the things around them. Emphasizing the big and open world. Students are encouraged to creatively design and use different materials to create their furniture. Students are encouraged to gather recycled materials such as papers, fabrics, sand to work around themes that relate to environments awareness.

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