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The NEA and South West Community Development council held an ECO Animation competition on the theme of 'Climate Change 

for South West district schools this year.


CreativeHALO was proud to be their chosen vendors and had not only helped in educating participants on the process of animation as well as part of the sharing session.



CreativeHALO had the opportunity to be a part of the West Cluster Principals and Vice-Principals' meet that was held at Republic Polytechnic this year. Our participants were given a hands on introduction to the wonders of Sand Performance Art and were much intrigued by the colourful and theraputic experience.




The N7 Young photographers competiton co-organised by CreativeHALO and Canberra Secondary School was held in September this year, as a Digital Media Design and Photographer cluster event.


Opened to all Primary 5 and Primary 5 pupils from N7 cluster primary schools, the objective was to create a platform for younger students to learn and actively participate in the art of digital photography.


Students were brought to Chong Pang Village to take artistic shots based on the theme of "Our Neighbourhood" and were then given a crash course in digital imaging with Adobe Photoshop.


The day ended with Canberra Primary School clinching first place for a truly captivating kodak moment.

This is a project done for West Spring Primary school for their official opening. Our biggest sand sculpture to date and it took us almost 6 months to plan and execute.

This event was also graced by our Minister of Education. From our cohort training, selected students were trained to perform not only the sand animation but also the building of the sculpture.

This year due to Covid-19, during school closure, MOE announced the implementation of Home Based Learning (HBL). Throughout this period, we recorded our lessons and teachers uploaded those videos on the Student Learning System (SLS).

When schools resume in order to minimize contact with students, external vendors were not allowed to enter school. We then moved on to Live Zoom Sessions to conduct our lessons. Lessons were carried out effectively and the outcome was remarkable.

As much as we love to conduct our lessons physically in classrooms, should there be a need to go online, we are E-Ready. Our trainers are well equipped and trained to conduct lessons online.

E-Learning Equipped

West Spring Primary Official Opening 2016

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